Artist Carl Mcghee

My art specialty is Handcrafted Wooden Bowties. I am inspired by nature. – Artist Carl McGhee

Artist L Ivey

Artist L Ivey

My art is magical my son is my inspiration. I love painting positive images of my black people. I want people to see how magical we really are. Artist L Ivey

Artist Kasaad Bullock

My art is timeless. My life is my inspiration. Anything I see, hear ot think all comes together when I’m taking pictures or filming. Artist Kasaad Bullock

Artist Nakimah Watson

I am inspired by old school hip hop style with thick gold chains, urban New York style, graffiti and bright colors. Artist Nakimah Watson

Artist Marlon Madramootoo

Artist Marlon Madramootoo Celestial Goddess, This piece represents the divine feminine. She is in anti-matter in front of a crescent moon. I used water color, color pencils, and black ink. Few of my favorite things. Still life of a singing bowl, crystal pyramid, pokadot box, and a glass bottle. Made with acrylic. This is a […]

Artist Silas Onoja

MEET THE ARTIST Artist SILAS ONOJA Location: Abuja, Nigeria Art Specialty: Painting – fine art At what age did you start creating art? I started art as a child, drawing some funny cartoons and pictures, but I went into art more professionally in 2016 after graduating with a national diploma from the Polytechnic. How long […]


Artist Joyce Allen

MEET THE ARTIST Artist JOYCE ALLEN Location: Philadelphia, PA Art Specialty: Drawing, Color Pencil At what age did you start creating art? Aside from a few art classes in middle school and high school (where my artistic ability was  nothing special), I drew on occasion as a hobby in my spare time. However, I didn’t feel […]

Artist Reynold Thomas

Artist Reynold Thomas

MEET THE ARTIST Artist Reynold Thomas Business Name: R. Thomas Art Location: Brampton, Ontario Art Specialty: Painting – fine art, Painting – decorative, Drawing At what age did you start creating art? I started drawing when I was 8 years. I would draw comic book characters, my own characters and took my sketchbook with me everywhere. How long […]

Artist Tameaka Morris

ARTIST TAMEAKA MORRIS ART by TAMEAKA MORRIS MEET THE ARTIST Artist Name: Tameaka Morris Business Name: KrimZonArt Graphicz Location: Lafayette,  LA Art Specialty: Painting-decorative, Photography, Drawing, Paper/Mixed Media At what age did you start creating art? Hello.  My name is Tameaka Morris.  I began to draw in sixth grade.  I was not very good at it,  but I kept […]

Artist Olivia Udeh

ARTIST OLIVIA UDEH ART by OLIVIA UDEH ART BY OLIVIA UDEH ART by OLIVIA UDEH ART by OLIVIA UDEHMEET THE ARTIST Artist Name: Olivia Udeh Business Name: Bluu Scope Location: Hawthorne, CA Art Specialty: Painting – Fine Art, Drawing What type of art do you create? I paint portraits mostly, using acrylic paints. However I am also enjoy drawing […]